Accidents can turn your life upside down and cause debilitating physical and mental health problems.

Whether you or a loved one are suffering as a consequence of medical malpractice, a defective product, or an accident caused by a professional’s negligence, Kelly & Grossman, LLP has the best personal injury lawyers to represent you in a  lawsuit and help obtain your rightful compensation.

We understand you’re seeking justice and we’re here to offer you solace during these difficult times. Personal injury law, also called tort law, protects people like who are injured or harmed because of someone else’s misbehavior. This ensures fair settlement that will allow you to comfortably cover large expenses such as legal and medical bills.

Our top medical malpractice attorneys and personal injury lawyers have the experience, skills, tenacity, and empathy to get you the highest settlement value for your case.

Support at Every Step of the Way

Your peace of mind and recovery is our main priority. We’ll help you and those you care about navigate the complexities of personal injury law with ease and get a clear understanding of your rights and lawsuit timeline.

At Kelly & Grossman, LLP, we have an outstanding team of the best medical malpractice attorneys and top personal injury lawyers ready to assist you with a number of lawsuits including those related to:

Car Accidents/Negligence

This might include car accidents caused by careless, distracted, or intoxicated drivers who were speeding or didn’t yield at intersections.

Slips, Trips or Falls

This could happen due to a number of factors from wet floors to worn carpets and poorly placed fixtures

Defective Products

Claims typically fall into three categories: defective manufacture, defective design, or failure to provide adequate usage instructions or warnings.

Medical Malpractice

Injuries as a result of a medical error such as misdiagnosis, misreading laboratory results, unneeded surgery, etc.


Workers harmed by asbestos or secondhand smoke exposure.

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