Man Fighting Brooklyn Murder Conviction Turned Away from Court Hearing

Delays in Brooklyn court have caused a man who is fighting his murder conviction extreme anguish after a judge, twice, turned him away from his scheduled court hearing. The firm of Kelly & Grossman, LLP is working hard to ensure due process and fairness is received.

‘Appearance of Impropriety’

In September, 43-year-old Ronnie Wright, who was convicted by a jury for murder in Brooklyn, NY in 2006, had his court appearances incorrectly denied after he was not delivered to appear for court. The state’s Corrections Department has said White, who is currently incarcerated, was turned away by “the court” not by their staff.

Wright is represented by Dennis Kelly of Kelly & Grossman, LLP who asked the judge to recuse herself, due to the clear mishap that led to an investigation by the Inspector General.

The action to send Wright back to corrections without hearing is under investigation. Kelly has said in court that the alleged action by the judge “shows there is an appearance of impropriety” and that it reflects that the judge allegedly has a certain interest that “could be detrimental” to Wright.

There is certainly a concern with the situation as originally, contradicting stories were told. According to initial reports, the judge had been told by the state Corrections Department that Wright had suffered a head injury on the way to court. However, Wright has stated he did not suffer an injury. The state Corrections Department issued a statement acknowledging there was no injury and that when they arrived with Wright in a van at the courthouse, they were turned away “by the court.”

The judge has yet to rule on the request for recusal.

Seeking Justice

While Wright was found guilty by a jury, Kelly & Grossman, LLP is seeking to have the conviction overturned and to have a fair slate. Our firm believes Wright was wrongfully convicted in the 2006 death of Andrell Napper outside the Sumner Houses in Brooklyn. Wright did not face a fair prosecution during his trial in 2008, as prosecutors, including now deputy chief of homicide for the Brooklyn DA, Howard Jackson, withheld key exculpatory evidence that we believe would have proven Wright’s innocence.

Our team will continue to fight for justice in the case of Ronnie Wright and for so many others who are not given the fairness they deserve. For those who need an advocate to fight for their freedoms, or for the freedoms of their loved ones, the firm of Kelly & Grossman, LLP is here to help. Contact us today to receive a consultation regarding legal action, or call 631.314.4996 for more information.