Brooklyn Prosecutor Withheld Critical Documentation; Attorneys Seeking Justice  

Attorneys for a man who is seeking a vacated conviction in a Brooklyn murder case say that a high-powered prosecutor “knowingly and deliberately” hid a critical statement that would have played a major role in the case.

The law firm of Kelly & Grossman, LLP are continuing to seek justice for Ronnie Wright, who is currently incarcerated without eligibility for parole until 2044. Wright’s lawyers are fighting hard to prove Wright’s innocence.

Failure to Present Key Evidence

Ronnie Wright was sent to prison, yet, a vital document that allegedly hid the existence of an ongoing investigation by authorities wasn’t presented during Wright’s trial. Deputy Chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, Howard Jackson, was called to the stand in 2021 to be questioned about his role in failing to produce that document. He was the lead prosecutor in the Wright’s 2008 trial.

Wright was convicted in the 2006 Brooklyn murder of Andrell Napper outside of Sumner Houses in August of that year. However, the conviction relied heavily on the claims of a single witness, but the document that wasn’t brought to light indicates otherwise, according to Wright’s legal team.

Kelly & Grossman, LLP have learned that Demetrius Morris, who is a member of the Brooklyn gang “G’z Up” stated to an FBI agent and two NYPD detectives that Wright did not shoot Napper. The statement was made two months after Napper’s death.

Attorney’s argue that statement was “knowingly and deliberately” withheld in order to hide evidence of an ongoing joint investigation into the gang, and others in the area. The Brooklyn DA’s Office certainly had a role and obligation to present this pivotal piece of information.

“The police and prosecutors think this is big — ‘We’re going to take down these gangs’ — but my guy got run over,” said Robert Kerrigan.

 “They were months away from the takedowns in this years-long investigation when Wright’s trial occurred,” Kerrigan added. “Evidence the murder was gang-related would jeopardize their ongoing racketeering investigation, so they withheld that evidence.”

Even more convincing in the push for Wright’s wrongful conviction is the manner in which the statement came to light. Morris had testified as a cooperating witness in a 2019 trial related to the gang where he admitted in his testimony that he was one of the shooters who killed Napper but did not see Wright with a gun at all during that night. Morris was not arrested, despite three eyewitnesses indicating he was the shooter.

Wright’s legal team also believes the Brooklyn prosecutor withheld evidence of a connection between a key witness and Napper.

The Brooklyn DA’s office claims Morris is contradicting himself in statements between the time of the shooting and his latest testimony. However, no additional evidence to the contrary has been presented. Further, additional review found that Morris did in fact acknowledge Wright was not one of the murderers in a 2006 interview. The district attorney’s office had originally told the judge in the case that they couldn’t find Morris’ statement.

Your Partner for New York Wrongful Conviction Compensation

The monumental evidence and information that has come to light will be used to secure justice for Ronnie Wright. The firm of Kelly & Grossman, LLP will never sit idly by allowing innocent parties to sit in prison for crimes they did not commit.

We stand by the wrongfully convicted and will seek justice as well as compensation for you or your loved one who has suffered. If you need to bring truth to light in a case but need professional legal assistance to do so, talk with us and receive a consultation. To get started contact us today, or call 631.314.4996 for more information.