Attorney for Slain Inmate Holds Long Island Jail Guards Accountable in Beating Death

The law firm of Kelly & Grossman, LLP has seen the anguish and hurt that many families are faced with, due to wrongful deaths that occur at the hands of those in power. This was the case for a man who was incarcerated in the Nassau County Jail. A second inmate was also found to have been wrongfully beaten by jail guards, which led to a serious injury.

A Vicious Attack

In addition to the senseless beating of 38-year-old Thomas Pizzuto in January of 1999, jail guards at the Long Island lockup refused to provide the man with proper medical attention, which eventually ended with his death.

The Nassau County District Attorney investigated Pizzuto’s death, along with jail officials and other authorities.

Pizzuto was brutally and viciously attacked by guards who beat him after he pleaded for the common drug methadone. Guards failed to have him transferred to a hospital for medical attention and he suffered a seizure that rendered him unconscious.

Pizzuto’s mother, Carol Pizzuto, was represented by Kelly & Grossman, LLP. She told the court that her son’s Long Island death was in no way warranted based on his demands.

“The men who did this were spineless cowards who kicked a person down when he was vulnerable,” she said.

Attorney Dennis Kelly played a tape for the court that was captured by an inmate. In it, Thomas Pizzuto is heard moaning and yelling “Please stop! Please stop!”

The inmate who taped the incident stated that he heard Pizzuto “crying in agony” and that the guards beat the man “real bad.”

Pizzuto’s mother feels that her son was killed by the guards. He died at the Nassau County Medical Center after eventual transfer.

The same day, it was found that guards at the Long Island jail also attacked another inmate over a disagreement regarding a phone call.

While those who are entrusted have authority, the abuse of power in any circumstance is not acceptable – especially when it leads to the injury or death of those under their control.

A Demand for Justice

Kelly & Grossman, LLP will do everything in our power to seek justice for individuals and their families who wrongfully suffer at the hands of those who misuse their authority. By seeking the truth and fair compensation for what has been done, we hope to prevent future incidents and curb the potential for more Nassau County Jail deaths, as well as those in other institutions across New York.

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